European Federation for Housing: webinar


Co-living & the Amsterdam case Kleiburg

On May 29, 2024, we were invited bij the European Federation for Living (EF-L) to present the case of Kleiburg to their network of cooperations and housing federations. With a presence of 27 of their 70 members from all over Europe, we were part of this webinar together with Daria Czischke, associate professor of Housing and Sustainability at the Technical University in Delft, and Wouter Pocornie, architect/urbanist and resident in the Bijlmer.

With Wouter Pocornie, who has done thorough research into the history and heritage of the people and their buildings in the Bijlmer, we came to know a new and necessary perspective after we were involved in the Kleiburg community project.

Also, Darinka Czischke presented her research and book Together, Towards Collaborative Living, in which she has collected several projects of cooperatives, commons and collectives, a "trend gaining momentum as the housing crisis in many European cities threatens residents' life chances", as cited by EF-L, as quoted on their website.

It was an honour to present the case of Kleiburg, after the completion in 2016 and the awards in 2017 (Dutch Design Award and EU Mies van der Rohe Award).

We think the task of producing affordable housing is still there. Again, we feel a momentum, now the do-it-yourself concept has transformed into the idea of community buildings, and with that idea getting new attention from housing corporations and developers.

New work ahead !

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May 29, 2024